Have you got an extra places? Which one?
Depending on chosen room, we can suggested you either a sofa or a folding armchair or folding bed, as an additional seats.
How much does it cost an extra bed?
Placing on extra bed is 50% discount for both adults and children.
Do I need to pay for little children?
In high season children up 5 years without extra bed are free of charge. In low and middle season children up 5 years stay free on extra bed.
Is it possible to come to you with a small dog?
Good afternoon! It is prohibited to allowed with pets in our campsite. Regardless of the size of the animal, breed and upbringing. Animals, which stays in our rooms, are the reason of allergy among tourists, especially in children who arrived after them.
Is it possible to drive into my car to the house?
Аll cars are parked on the designated parking, access to the houses is impossible.
Is the children's room paid for?
The service of providing the children's room is paid for 130 rubles per hour for 1 child.
What is the discount for the transfer of children and is it possible to carry a child in my arms?
Сhildren up to 3 years is 15% discount, children up to 5 years is 10% discount. A separate place for children of any age is obligatory!
What entertainments have you got for children?
There are children's playgrounds with a swing, a children's zone in the pool in the open air, the trampoline, rollers, a children's game room with a two-level labyrinth. In the summer (high) season children are engaged by animator.
Is it possible to get only breakfast?
It is possible to get breakfast, or lunch, etc. on request in middle and low seasons.
Is it possible to cook in the rooms?
No, it isn't. In the territory of the campsite the cafe works all the year, here you can get complex and individual food. It is independently possible to cook only in the Guest houses, there is a kitchen.
Is there a teapot in the room? Where to get drinking water?
There is no teapot; free boiled water can be taken in the cafe. On the floor there is a cooler with hot and cold drinking water, in minibars we offer you to buy mineral water. Also you can buy it in a cafe or a cafe-bar.
What difference between baby meals and adult?
Spicy salads, fish with bones excluded from children's menu. It is proposed to replace the chicken, fruit and vegetable salads. The portion has a little less, than adults.
Camp site intrastructure
How far from water? Where is the beach?
The campsite is on the rocky coast, but there is a stair descent to water with the observation deck. Downstairs there is private pebble beach, with flat descent in water. There is a municipal sandy beach about 200 meters from campsite.
Is it possible to fry shish kebabs on the territory?
In campsite territory there is a special barbecue area in the gazebo with lighting, table and benches. Also on the coast of Baikal there is an area "Barbecue on the swings" with a viewing platform.
It is written on the website that there is a heated pool, is it paid for?
The pool for all residents of the campsite is free for 1 hour per day. Children up to 5 years, under supervision of parents are free of charge, for all others - for a fee: adults: 1 hour - 200 rubles, 15 minutes - 60 rubles. Children up to 12 years: 1 hou
Is there parking for a personal car, how much is it?
There is a free secure parking for residents of the campsite.